Strengthen Edge Security
with Machine Learning-based

To distributed security
To Guard againts east
West movement

Zero Trust Network
Security Without Agents

Discover New assets
Across Multiple Clouds

Automate Security
Policies and controls
With Machine Learning

Consistent security with
visibility into complex
multi clouds

Secure Virtual and
Cloud data centers with
Less cost and risk

Fortinet + ShieldX: Game Changing
Security Across Network and Cloud Edges!

ShieldX and Fortinet elevates security coverage to address the convergence of OT, campus, and multi-cloud data center segmentation and lateral movement prevention with a unified platform.

ShieldX: Security, Scale & Savings

ShieldX provides a single point of management for multi-cloud data centers to eliminate manual processes, control sprawl, and minimize ongoing maintenance requirements. Organizations can finally avoid costly misconfigurations by using automated policy generation and orchestration.

Achieving Zero Trust networking inside VMWare or a public cloud can be impossible due to dynamic changes in the datacenter. “With ShieldX, security teams can leverage automatic policy generation to eliminate manual, tedious tasks.“

Using east-west traffic visibility, enterprises maintain vigilance over cloud operations and workflows to reduce risk. Once deployed, ShieldX dynamically implements precise policy and detects changes from DevOps.

Scale immediately to address capacity needs, seen and unforeseen, with comprehensive and consistent controls that protect applications and data under any conditions. Easily choose the pace of scale—whether it’s ramping up for Black Friday or slowing down on Sunday morning. Most importantly, autoscaling doesn’t burden the datacenter staff, and with high availability it’s simple to scale for any condition—always provisioning extra instances to prevent any disruptions.

When data and applications are all over the cloud, organizations can realize too late they need to re-think security. The ever-changing nature of the cloud is diametrically opposed to the neat, orderly and segmented environments auditors like to see. With ShieldX’s microservices architecture, audits can be a breeze, not a storm. ShieldX’s cloud-native solution is elastic and scalable, while accumulating all changes into a report to satisfy auditors without tedious work.

See how it works

Find assets across private and public clouds in minutes

  • Continuous, automated API-based asset discovery
  • Transparent network traffic insertion using infrastructure APIs
  • Learn groups and policies automatically
  • Continuously syncs with DevOps and DevSecOps