According to the Telegraph, “65% of large businesses reported a cyber breach or attack in the past 12 months. Yet nine out of 10 businesses don’t even have an incident management plan in the event of a cyber breach.”*

We are in the midst of an accelerating technology shift from traditional on-premise solutions to the cloud. As such, there is growing demand to secure migrating workloads, data and assets.  But do IT organizations have the right solutions and the will to catch up and meet this challenge head on?


Throughout my career in Sales, I have witnessed firsthand the consequences of businesses who have put cybersecurity on the back burner. Severe consequences ensued from unscrupulous adversaries who plumb rich digital assets. They leave their victims financially decimated, with their brands in public scandal and their people in charge of security dismissed with ignominy.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) with all the front-page news on the havoc that nation states, organized crime, and hacktivists have wrought, we may finally be seeing a change in the perception and prioritization of cyber security.


The painful truth is the adversary has the advantage today. They only need to find one weak spot in the attack surface to exploit.  Meanwhile, there is a shortage of skilled security professionals, an everchanging threat landscape, and competing priorities in a given business to distract the focus on security. Unfortunately, the security conundrum can’t be solved with a one-time investment because of its dynamic nature. The tried and true combination of people, process, and technology is required for a successful security program.

When it comes to the technology piece of the puzzle relating to the cloud, security players don’t have true cloud-ready security solutions. Great security delivered over purpose-built appliances or even virtualized solutions simply cannot deliver in these new environments. And in my experience, established security vendors, despite the best intentions, try to solve client problems the only way they can – with what they know and with what is in their current portfolio of solutions.  And, as a result, organizations are left with tradeoffs that are largely unacceptable due to the economics, limited scalability, and subpar security control to protect the modern-day IT workloads.


What if there was a way to have security that doesn’t require compromise, and works natively with the cloud’s scale and economics coveted by today’s businesses? Well now I know there is a way. And it’s with ShieldX.

I have seen the consequences of procrastination, poor cyber security programs, and mismatches in technology fit longer than most. Keeping organizations safe and secure is something I am incredibly passionate about, and I have focused my career on helping to educate and transform countless client environments with best-in-class cyber security solutions for the last 15 years.

I’ve joined ShieldX because I believe the company has the ground-breaking technology the market needs, at the right time, and will help businesses achieve their goals by enabling them to securely adopt the Cloud.

No more band-aids. No more trade-offs. No more sleepless nights. Just a true software-defined security solution purposely built for and delivering on the promise of the cloud. ShieldX Elastic Security Platform automates and then goes beyond micro-segmentation and allows for simplistic orchestration of policy across data centers, private, public, and hybrid cloud environments from a single pane of glass.

I was amazed with what I discovered about this company and ShieldX Elastic Security Platform, and I think you will be too.  If you are ready to have a conversation, we’d love the opportunity to tell you more.  Contact us.


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