PortSmash attack exploits Intel’s Hyper-Threading architecture to steal your data
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On Friday, a new attack called PortSmash was announced.  This attack exploits Intel’s Hyper-Threading architecture to steal your data.
Details here: https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/new-portsmash-attack-allow-attackers-to-steal-encrypted-data/

What do we know so far?

Researchers have uncovered yet another side-channel attack name PortSmash in Intel and AMD CPUs.  All CPUs that have simultaneous multithreading (SMT) architecture and Intel’s Hyper-Threading (HT) technology are affected by the attack.  A PoC code has been published by the researchers to prove this is possible and not just a theory.

For the attack to be successful the malicious code must run on the same CPU core as the legitimate code.  Due to SMT and HT, the code running on one thread can also observe what is happening on other thread, and an attacker could use this behavior to inject malicious code in tandem with legitimate code in order to eavesdrop.  The malicious code will then leak encrypted data in bits and pieces that can be later reconstructed by the attacker.  Intel has released the patch for the same.

What is the Delivery Mechanism?

We are not aware of any delivery mechanism for the malicious code but, from the report it can delivered using regular phishing attack and other mechanisms.

Are Datacenter affected?

Yes, datacenters are affected due to this attack.  The shared model of public datacenter makes this attack quite dangerous: attackers simply rent VMs and run malicious code that run on the same CPU core as the legitimate code to eavesdrop.  Technically, they don’t have to build a delivery mechanism. However, to exploit private datacenter they have to build a delivery mechanism.


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[Webcast Recap] Cloud Security: Lessons from the Trenches
Threat Management

For a long time now, security has been the number one roadblock for organizations considering a move to the cloud. Once large enterprises started moving their entire infrastructure to the cloud, people started asking questions about security. What to secure, where the vulnerabilities are, and who’s responsible for what? The information gap for such a significant business development is alarming.

On June 19, Alaska Airlines Director of Network and Connectivity Solutions, Brian Talbert, Former Symantec CEO, Enrique Salem, Dimension Data Cyber Security Evangelist, Ami Hofman and ShieldX VP of Product Management, John Parker teamed up to answer the industry’s most critical questions on secure cloud migration best practices and more.

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The Rise of Cryptojacking: Effective Detection and Prevention
Threat Intelligence

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrency around the globe, a new form of cybersecurity threat called cryptojacking is becoming a big concern. In late 2017, Malwarebytes reported 8 million daily malware blocks, with each detected incident possibly being cryptojacking. Early this year, CSO listed cryptojacking “gold rush” as the No.1 of Top 5 cybersecurity concerns for 2018.  In response, we need to take a closer look at this threat and how to effectively detect and prevent against cryptojacking attacks.

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Clouds Might be Secure, but There are Blind Spots Too
Threat Intelligence


Digital evolution is driving net new challenges for data security. In this rapidly evolving digital world, data is not clearly defined, structured or secured. Today’s businesses continue to be agile and adapt new technologies, like cloud services, to meet the demands of customers. While collecting, storing and protecting data might look like standard operating procedures in legacy environments, businesses often overlook proper data safeguards in the new technology world, especially in the case of non-critical data.

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ShieldX at the RSA Innovation Sandbox
Company News

ShieldX at RSA Innovation Sandbox 2018As the RSA Conference kicked off on Monday, April 16th, I was honored to represent ShieldX as one of ten Innovation Sandbox finalists invited to take the spotlight for a three-minute pitch  demonstrating our groundbreaking security technologies to the broader conference community.

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Status Report: SX Research Team Reveals New Cloud Security Threats
Stratus Report

In 2005, Gary McGraw and Brian Chess published a taxonomy of code vulnerabilities exploited by attackers.  Today, the “Seven Pernicious Kingdoms” continue to be used by MITRE to classify vulnerabilities. With the onset of cloud computing, it is time to begin a new taxonomy that accounts for attacks on cloud infrastructure.

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The ShieldX Serverless Security Philosophy

Serverless architecture, also known as Function as a Service (FaaS), presents new challenges for securing applications built using this architecture.  FaaS is an event-driven architecture in which a small piece of code is executed on an API call or message.  Various cloud vendors support multi-language (Java, Javascript, python, C#, etc.) FaaS to make it very easy for developers to use.  Additionally, FaaS is attractive for economy and maintenance reasons because the cost is based on the execution time and users don’t have to worry about regular maintenance of web-servers or shared resources. But the architecture introduces challenges in terms of how and where to enforce security controls.

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Hot off the Press – ShieldX Networks Selected as Finalist for RSA Conference 2018 Innovation Sandbox Contest!
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We at ShieldX Networks are very thrilled to confirm that we have been selected as a finalist in the highly coveted RSA Sandbox Contest. The Innovation Sandbox Contest is an opportunity to spotlight new approaches to information security technology, provides advice and counsel for entrepreneurs, and exposes the RSA Conference community to venture capitalists, industry experts, senior level business practitioners, and thought leaders. Please read RSA’s announcement here:  https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180320005165/en/RSA-Conference-Announces-Finalists-2018-Innovation-Sandbox

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Cloud Security Without Compromise

According to the Telegraph, “65% of large businesses reported a cyber breach or attack in the past 12 months. Yet nine out of 10 businesses don’t even have an incident management plan in the event of a cyber breach.”*

We are in the midst of an accelerating technology shift from traditional on-premise solutions to the cloud. As such, there is growing demand to secure migrating workloads, data and assets.  But do IT organizations have the right solutions and the will to catch up and meet this challenge head on?

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Buzzword Assimilation—Understanding the ShieldX Elastic Security Platform Innovation

“More than 75% of businesses are planning to implement multi-cloud architectures within the next 2 years (2018–2019).” 1

 Yet “as much as 74%” of ESG surveyed professionals “abandon their traditional security controls because they are ineffective in the cloud environments” 2 they have – or are planning for.


Since our inception, we’ve worked to create a security solution that natively secures today’s modern enterprise IT infrastructure. One that stops forcing IT teams to slow down performance, application development and cloud adoption, or face taking on more risk and cost. Our solution? The first containerized, microservices platform for multi-cloud security.

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