ShieldX has assembled a set of guides for CISOs to help understand and deal with today’s security challenges.  They are designed to be ready quickly with a check list approach to help CISOs—and their teams—become more effective.  Next up? CISO’s Guide to Fixing a Flat Network. (No reg required). 

In this guide, we help database IT and security teams who are moving to the cloud secure their new network architecture.  In the past, IT teams, concerned about the threat of hackers spreading laterally after initial penetration, separated business, web and database zones with firewalls to eliminate a flat network. Or worse, the flat network remained—with nothing more than a single firewall between the world and the internal network—and exposed enterprises to all kinds of security risks. Suddenly, the plot thickens: as a business you want to move to the cloud to take advantage of its scale and economics. As great as the cloud may be, this is a moment when you’re likely to feel like your cloud security options are limited.