CISO’s Guide to Multicloud Security

Ratinder Ahuja

Ratinder Ahuja

January 20, 2020

ShieldX has assembled a set of guides for CISOs to help understand and deal with today’s security challenges.  They are designed to be ready quickly with a check list approach to help CISOs—and their teams—become more effective.  Although they can be read in any order, we do recommend starting with the CISO’s Guide to Multicloud Security 

With this guide, we explore the central choice of securing multicloud environments: either adapt security to today’s business needs or try to retrofit existing security processes and toolsets. Many CISO’s want to maintain the practices and toolsets that they have built over the years, but unfortunately traditional agent and network tools are not suited for the scale, automation, or the architectures of multicloud. Failure to automate and streamline provisioning across multiple clouds complicates IT’s ability to deliver secure, agile services at the scale that organizations are demanding. As security teams struggle to keep up with threat containment across multicloud, it leads to initial compromises, which if undetected in application traffic (east-west) result in outages and more severe incidents. And, most importantly, security teams are hindered by the lack of a single tool that can provide both visibility and the enforcement of uniform security policies across multiple, cloud-specific architectures. 

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