Agentless Multi-Cloud Security

Kerry Dolan and Tony Palmer, Senior Lab Analysts, May 2017

“ESG Lab validated that APEIRO delivers consistent and broad security controls across multi-cloud environments, including VMware ESX, AWS, and OpenStack, ensuring that no workloads are more vulnerable than others, no matter how you scale.”


Many organizations leverage cloud infrastructures—private and public—for the agility, flexibility, and cost savings available. But while the technologies required to build elastic cloud infrastructures have advanced quickly, cloud security technologies have lagged.

The report documents hands-on testing of APEIRO, a mircoservices-based platform designed for agentless, multi-cloud security.

What’s Inside

We believe that APEIRO represents a new approach to security that is truly uncompromised, unlimited and unparalleled. But don’t just take our word for it.

We invited the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Lab to validate our claims. Inside their report you’ll see what they found:

  • ESG on top cybersecurity investments and challenges in 2017, and why APEIRO matters
  • Testing focused on ease of use, terabit-scale threat inspection, and centralized management across multi-cloud environments
  • ESG conclusions and recommendations
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