Hot off the Press – ShieldX Networks Selected as Finalist for RSA Conference 2018 Innovation Sandbox Contest!

Ratinder Ahuja

Ratinder Ahuja

March 20, 2018


We at ShieldX Networks are very thrilled to confirm that we have been selected as a finalist in the highly coveted RSA Sandbox Contest. The Innovation Sandbox Contest is an opportunity to spotlight new approaches to information security technology, provides advice and counsel for entrepreneurs, and exposes the RSA Conference community to venture capitalists, industry experts, senior level business practitioners, and thought leaders. Please read RSA’s announcement here:

The Innovation Sandbox Contest is a highly sought after award and hundreds of companies, if not more, submitted their entries to be named a finalist, which included the production of a multimedia pitch. Only ten companies were selected as finalists, so you can imagine how thrilled the team here at ShieldX is to make it this far.

The nomination recognizes how ShieldX meets market demand for Cloud security that supports the cyber risk, speed, scale and budget requirements of today’s businesses. On Monday, April 16, 2018, ShieldX will showcase its information security solution to the Innovation Sandbox Contest panel of judges for a chance to be named “RSAC Most Innovative Startup 2018.”

Being named as a finalist in this contest is the accumulation of years of intensely hard work at ShieldX. The company was founded in 2015 to reinvent security for the cloud computing age. We founders of ShieldX are veteran experts in cloud computing and network security who all recognized an undeniable truth: the security industry was failing its customers. With escalating cyber security threats, we understood the market need to better protect organizations against cyber threats—regardless of where sensitive data resides or how it moves across public, private or multi-cloud environments.

To address the market challenge and the ShieldX mission to offer effective Cloud security, our founding team brought a depth of knowledge of cloud, networking and security. We saw a growing conflict between how existing network security appliances are operationalized and how clouds and cloud applications are deployed.

So we invented ShieldX Elastic Security Platform, the ShieldX cloud security platform, which finally allowed businesses to have strong security and performance at an affordable cost. ShieldX Elastic Security Platform meets business requirements for all three by elastically scaling up and down over commonly used virtualization platforms that the enterprise either already owns—or uses on a subscription basis. With its revolutionary “Indicator-of-Pivot” technology and multi-cloud microsegmentation capabilities, ShieldX Elastic Security Platform automatically tracks and prevents lateral movement to catch new attacks, like NotPetya, in real-time. These unique capabilities give CIOs and CISOs confidence that their migration into cloud services will meet business speed, cost and risk requirements.

ShieldX was named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Security in 2017 and has built strong momentum with customers, backed by an arsenal of awards and industry recognition since. ShieldX addresses the cloud security for business segment, which the research firm MarketsandMarkets estimates will exceed $12.73 Billion by 2022. Being named as a finalist in the RSA Sandbox is yet another critical milestone for our company and we are thrilled with this amazing honor! Many thanks goes out to all of the people who have brought ShieldX to this amazing day time and hour with much hard work and dedication to our vision and mission.

Stay tuned as ShieldX competes for the winning spot and the title “RSAC Most Innovative Startup 2018.”

Warm regards,
Dr Ratinder Ahuja
Founder and CEO of ShieldX