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Dec 29, 2018

Alert Logic’s Meyers: As Companies Move More Operations To The Cloud, Risks Abound

The SaaS Report, Donna Fuscaldo, December 29, 2018 – Companies are moving their operations to the cloud at an increasing rate, but by giving up more control, they are inviting increased cybersecurity risks. Add the fact that remote access is common with cloud deployments and it’s no wonder cybersecurity firms like Alert Logic are concerned. After

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News Article
Dec 12, 2018

Gaps in traditional security – Why do gaps keep appearing year after year?

JAXenter, Dr. Ratinder Paul Singh Ahuja, December 11, 2018 –Why do gaps keep appearing year after year? While the reason behind this is rather simple, the solution isn’t. In this article, Dr. Ratinder Paul Singh Ahuja makes an assessment of the security breaches and discusses what security will need in the future in order to

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Press Release
Dec 03, 2018

EULA out, equity in: Why startups are now a part of larger companies’ security budgets

CyberScoop, Jeff Stone, December 3, 2018 – Cybersecurity sales teams often spread the idea that companies with the most sophisticated data protection strategies got that way by spending the most money on the latest and greatest security products. Truthfully, that’s usually not the case. U.S. companies have begun in recent years to enter strategic partnerships

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Press Release
Nov 26, 2018

ShieldX Disrupts Cloud Security Market with Exponential Growth in 2018, Displacing Multiple Recognized Security Incumbents

Since Coming Out of Stealth in October 2017, the Company Increased its Customer Base and Introduced Pioneering New Technologies and Capabilities with 22 Filed Patents San Jose, CA, November 27, 2018 – the leader in elastic security, today announced record growth and momentum since its launch in 2017, going from zero to several million dollars

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Press Release
Oct 17, 2018

ShieldX Elastic Security Platform Empowers Customers to Operate at Cloud Speed Without Agents

Company’s Adaptive Intention Engine Deploys Without Friction and Enables Customers to Instantly Identify and React to Changes in the Cloud San Jose, CA, October 17, 2018 – ShieldX, the pioneer in elastic security, today announced the release of the Adaptive Intention Engine to help security teams instantly identify and react to changes in cloud environments, empowering

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Quick Facts

ShieldX is redefining network and cloud security to better protect organizations against cyber threats—regardless of where sensitive data resides or how it moves across public, private, or multi-cloud environments.

INTRODUCING ShieldX Elastic Security Platform™

  • ShieldX Elastic Security Platform (pronounced \əˈpīˌrō), is based on the ancient Greek word ἄπειρος, that like our product, is associated with the infinite.
  • Scale security and micro-segmentation on demand, support business innovation, meet compliance requirements and protect against the latest cyberattacks
  • Ensure that no workloads in hybrid or multi-cloud environments are more vulnerable than others, no matter how services scale
  • Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Lab validated that ShieldX Elastic Security Platform can be deployed in 15 minutes and scales to handle over a terabit of traffic
  • Certified VMware-Ready®, OpenStack Compatible® and now ready to deploy on AWS EC2® and Microsoft Azure®


  • Invented industry’s first microservices platform for Cloud security that combines network-based security with the latest innovations in application and infrastructure technology
  • Gartner 2017 “Cool Vendor” in Cloud Security and MarketsandMarkets “Innovator” in Micro-Segmentation
  • $9 million Series A in November 2015, $25 million Series B in November 2017
  • Technology partnerships with VMware, Nutanix, Mirantis, RedHat, FireEye, AWS, Microsoft and membership with OpenStack Foundation
  • Currently in deployment with leading companies covering finance, technology, communications, government and higher education industries
  • Granted US patent (#9,716,617) with 19 more patents filed


Dr. Ratinder Paul Singh Ahuja

Founder and CEO


Harry Singh

Founder and President


Manuel Nedbal

Founder and CTO


Lovely Kaur

Founder and Executive Director


John Parker

Vice President, Product Management


Monika Goldberg

Executive Director, BusinessDevelopment and GTM