PART III: AWS and Azure–Cloud security isn’t true security

Ratinder Ahuja

Ratinder Ahuja

January 03, 2019

This is part III of III.

Solve it

If individual cloud-based security isn’t the quick fix customers are seeking, what is? Well, that was a trick question of course. There is no quick fix. There IS a fix. And that is a pre-planned comprehensive stack that addresses your responsibility in cloud computing. Theses include but are not limited to segments such as the storage and exchange of customer data according to HIPAA compliance, GDPR, PCI-DATA, the SEC, and the list goes on.


When you go with a trusted multi-cloud provider like ShieldX, you replace the patchwork of features and providers with a high-visibility solution that addresses the above and more. You get your manager off of your behind when you remove those licensing and maintenance fees. Your costs go down. And instead of playing 3-D chess to avoid misconfigurations, you can breathe.


Some CISOs get started by consulting with their team, then building a map to show the missing pieces of their security apparatus and their solutions. Don’t forget to work with application owners to understand any potential threat vectors. A solid strategy will address:

  • Missing security apparatus
  • Threat vectors in application/components
  • A good security hygiene
  • Access control permissions


Regardless of what your security approach you are planning in your cloud or multi-cloud environment, please do not go with the approach of lift and shift. Understand the security implications of your presences by evaluating the difference and exchange between on-premises and cloud security. Then call us.