As a ShieldX partner, you will benefit from an innovative product that is easy to sell and deploy—as well as competitive margins. Throughout the organization—from our senior management team to our sales, marketing, and technical support staff—ShieldX is dedicated growing your business by providing value to you and your customers.


If you are a managed service provider (MSSP), you can help your customers make the cloud a safer place to do business. Best of all, if you leverage ShieldX, you benefit from an easy, high-margin service.

Solution Providers

ShieldX partners with resellers and distributors to help companies modernize their security in the cloud era. With ShieldX, partners enjoy a compelling business opportunity with strong margins.

System Integrators

ShieldX provides system integrators with industry-leading cloud security technology to help your clients migrate to the cloud faster and with more security.

Incident Response

With ShieldX, incident responders can adapt and analyze attacks faster and easier across any deployment environment.