The ShieldX Elastic
Security Platform

The ShieldX Platform

Elastic Security
for the Mulitcloud

The ShieldX Elastic Security Platform dynamically scales to deliver comprehensive and consistent controls to protect data centers, cloud infrastructure, applications and data no matter where they are or where they go to make the cloud more secure than on-premise deployments. Our frictionless approach leverages agentless technology as well as the ShieldX Adaptive Intention Engine which autonomously translates and enforces intention into a set of comprehensive controls—microsegmentation, firewall, IPS and more—making security the easiest thing you do in the cloud. With ShieldX, security will partner—not inhibit—the drive to IT innovation.

ShieldX Tech Innovations

ShieldX Adaptive Intention Engine

ShieldX can conform policies across the multi-cloud environment making it extremely easy to manage, eliminating tactical, maintenance workflow. If a new web tier, middleware application or storage tiers appears, ShieldX will automatically protect them with a certain profile, with a certain threat protection and the appropriate access controls and watch for information loss. ShieldX takes this intention and transforms that into reality—instantly.

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Discover how ShieldX helped IDT achieve an overall 30 percent reduction in costs.

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“ShieldX can scale and adapt with our new multi-cloud strategy with a comprehensive and consistent security policy across all environments… ShieldX has been an ideal partner throughout the development process by meeting our on premise and cloud needs.”

—BRIAN TALBERT, Alaska Airlines

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