ShieldX at the RSA Innovation Sandbox

Ratinder Ahuja

Ratinder Ahuja

April 26, 2018

ShieldX at RSA Innovation Sandbox 2018As the RSA Conference kicked off on Monday, April 16th, I was honored to represent ShieldX as one of ten Innovation Sandbox finalists invited to take the spotlight for a three-minute pitch  demonstrating our groundbreaking security technologies to the broader conference community.

Each year, the RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest recognizes cybersecurity’s boldest new innovators who have made it their mission to minimize infosec risk. Over the years, most Innovation Sandbox finalists have compiled impressive records of market success.

As the RSA Conference’s program chair, Dr. Hugh Thompson, who served as this year’s master of ceremonies explained, this success has by no means been confined to contest winners. To be among this year’s finalists, who were chosen from a very large pool of international applicants, is a great accomplishment and points to an exciting future for our young company.


ShieldX Elastic Security Platform, without bounds

As multi-cloud architectures become more popular, thousands of enterprises are finding that the traditional security controls they use aren’t a good fit for the era of cloud computing. ShieldX offers a cloud security platform, called ShieldX Elastic Security Platform, that protects highly virtualized data centers and cloud deployments.

Only with ShieldX can enterprises securely leverage multi-cloud deployments. Once you install ShieldX Elastic Security Platform into any environment, it automatically discovers your assets. With machine learning, it places those assets into logical groups. Security definitions are then applied to these groups. Together these logical groups and policy definitions define the intent of the security.

To achieve scale and performance, we use containerized microservices to implement the elemental building blocks of ShieldX Elastic Security Platform. We orchestrate those microservices to transform your security intention into reality—all without agents. And as environments change over time, we automatically orchestrate to reduce work for your staff.

Finally, using deep packet inspection (DPI), we provide micro-segmentation and consolidate a broad array of security capabilities—including DLP, malware detection, IPS, anomaly detection and more—behind a single pane of glass. We use DPI to prevent east-west lateral movement and provide east-west security at scale.

Our product name, ShieldX Elastic Security Platform, is Greek and means infinite and unlimited. We provide a broad array of security controls that scale to provide terabits of deep packet inspection. With automation and orchestration, we dramatically reduce TCO, and that is why Alaska Airlines, a multi-billion dollar company, chose to work with ShieldX.


Watch the ShieldX Innovation Sandbox 2018 Pitch

If you missed my pitch, you can now watch it on demand to learn more about ShieldX and the cybersecurity innovations behind our product ShieldX Elastic Security Platform.